Bitmap Image

Jun 19, 2017 | Technical

Digital images

are divided into two main categories: bitmap and vector. Bitmap images can be broadcast or printed.



On a screen pixel format is given as 640 × 480 pixels (a 13 inch format). Width first then the height is always indicated. The characteristic of a pixel format is that it adapts to all screen sizes. An image that is displayed in full screen on a 13-inch display is
also in full screen on a 24 inch. As for television, you always see the whole picture that you have a small or a large screen. Obviously on a large screen, pixels are often larger and you may appear coarse if you have not provided a comfortable size.
Print format is given in mm or cm as 210 × 297 mm (A4). Always width first. Unfortunately the size is fixed and if you want to enlarge you lose in quality and resolution will be worse because it will be less dpi. If you want to add dpi on an
image, the program will take care of adding random pixels because it doesn’t have information on what does not exist. For a simple form, the operation is playable, but for a complex image result can be very disappointing and vague.