Introduction to Graphic Design

Jul 12, 2017 | Graphic Design

Introduction to Graphic Design

Order | Clarity | Logic

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Art conveys an emotion

you either love it or you don’t …

Graphic Design conveys information

it’s effective or it isn’t …

Graphic design is not Art

Art is an inspiration, Graphic Design is a technique


Communication gives you information

who (the owner) – says what (message) – to whom (target)

Information consists of 2 parts

a message and a form for a specific target


Marketing determines the target I here the consumer


the Editor writes the message I here information


the Graphic Designer formats I here the synthesis : a pictogram

But who will take time to read your message?

our brain decides whether or not to read the message in less than 3 seconds

We always perceive form before message

form will determine whether or not the message will be read by the target

To be effective the message must be clear

the goal is not to make it looking nice but to get the desired response to the message sent

Consistent graphic codes

these are codes whose meaning we (instinctively) understand without having learned

The form of messages and graphics codes built up the image

absorbed by the target and associated to the Logo


at the same production level

the difference between two products or brands is the image

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