Graphic Design

order | clarity | logic

Graphic Design

order | clarity | logic

Your Graphic Studio

Graphic studio includes all the skills necessary to achieve an efficient visual communication. The Graphic Design is a visual communication technique that is only interested in formatting. It is not to about adorning or embellishing, but rather creating graphic elements that will establish a relevant communication. Graphic design is not art. Visual communication does not pursue an aesthetic purpose, it fulfils a technical function (of course, when the result is both effective and beautiful, it’s even better!).

Art has only one goal: for artists to produce an emotion based on the technique and the medium of their choice. On the other hand, design must meet several constraints, chief of which is the medium (paper, digital…). The design is always the first step in a manufactural chain. It must operate according to the manufacturer’s (e.g. a printer’s) technical constraints and must primarily rely on communication techniques and codes in order to design an effective creation.



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The diagnosis of your image


It is not the artistic balance of your image (I like or do not like), but a professional reflection on positioning. Visual communication, or picture, is only effective if it is treated as a whole and in its details. Major brands neglect nothing. From scene to backstage, everything must be thought. The image must always be the same from the building, packaging, through vehicles, work clothes, prints and ads … Take for example the logo. It is the most important visual element at the base of all the graphic construction. It should be simple and neutral. Its sole purpose is to sign the corporate communication. The logo is not an advertising but it has to contain all the values of the brand,must be very simple and catchy so people are able to memorize it very quickly. A Logo (with its picto) is a very technical element (it’s not an illustration). It must comply with the requirements of his user regardless of its shape, color and use.

Diagnosis in 4 steps:

1. Analysis of the logo’s codes and its coherency with the graphic chart (commercial cards to order form …)

2. Reflection on cohesion ads, messages, printed and digital documents (brochure to website …)

3. Review of graphic and photographic codes used to determine their relevance to the delivered message

4. Result presentation with proposition of desirable improvements (if necessary) to improuve brand image


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